Programm'd vol​.​3 Programm'd Muzic​(​CLEAN)

by Wolfgang Amadeuz

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(free) 03:12


released December 3, 2011

Produced by Drew Infinite, co produced by Wolfgang Amadeuz



all rights reserved


Wolfgang Amadeuz Los Angeles, California

Wolfgang Amadeuz Hip Hop producer/emcee from Los Angeles, CA born and raised.

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Track Name: Til the Day (My $) ft Kory
I’mma Stay Grinding/Ooooooooohhhhhhh Til the day I lay it down
I’mma do me, fuck what you feel / Put ya drinks in the air if you bout yo scrill
I’mma Stay Hustling/Ooooooooooohhhhhhh Til the day I lay it down
I’mma do me, I’mma stay on my grind / put yo hands in the air if you know it’s your time/ Imma stay
Forever on some paid shit/I grew up in the slums with bums, fighting for crumbs/ hella roaches no raid bitch
I’m happy I just made it/ momma told me pump for funds, hustling son/ to get the 1’s you hit the pavement
No need for lesson in Capitalism save it/ 2 things promised, ya taxes, ya grave bitch
The country’s been bout hustle since the slave ships/ so avoid the traps, get cheddar zig thru the maze &
Avoid minimum wage & have mo hustle than running backs/ go getta for shilla, you’da think I’d be running track
None of that running crack, they sold yay, I slang the other kind/ kept me out penitentiary’s never got 3 to 9
This is how I survived the catch, they thought they had me/ boy I’m street smart, plus I’m tech saavy
Had to devise mine, keep revenue steady climbing/ never feel I’m left behind man…..
This my get money anthem/ put yo hands up, hold the world for ransom & some
get a Grand son, get promoted for fatter pay/ I’m grinding thru the week, I can function with you on Saturday
No money, mo problems, watch me solve em fuck wut the matter say/ they ask me where my problems is at, they went that away
I stay with franklins & middle finger is swanky/ chairman of money making they call me Benji Bernanke
Catch a case hire lawyers cuz public defenders janky/ money walk & that bullshit talk, Mr. Hankey
It’s like you playing for now, I’m playing for keeps/ Learned to never invest in anything that eats
Gotta stay on my grizzy, my hustle should never sleep/ my profit will never stop it, portfolio’s really deep
Mo gunz and less butter, take notes to my sputter/ & you can have life, get yours out the gutter
I gotta stay touching that $/ I hope you don’t play with my paper/ I hope you don’t fuck with money/I’m not tripping, just give me my money
I gotta stay touching that paper/ I hope you don’t play with my money/ I hope you don’t fuck with paper
I just got to touch some paper
Gotta get the $ Gotta get the gotta gotta get the Gotta get the $ gotta get the cashflow X4
Track Name: Frozen ft Cera Bellum & Until
I am…..Im so Frozen inside/Frozen…’s so cold in my heart X2

I’m so damaged/ where can I find the warmth and comfort on a cold planet
new foes new woes old friends attacking you / strangers the 1s that look out family turning their back on you
remember when I was nothing with really no place to go
my sister heart full of malice wouldn’t let me sleep on the floor Unsympathetic and callus and I was void of compassion
I was becoming soul less, felt like my world was crashing/ detached and passive felt pain no endorphins
moms and pops crossing over feeling just like an orphan burned/ the tables turned now I rise like the phoenix
no more walking or busing my kicks and cars the cleanest
1000 messages people want something I skip that they aint getting a crumb for me I don’t give them no get back
so all I hear is you scandalous you cold andno love lost but none found frozen

I won't play as the victim/ got blockers on my bumber, they tryna hit I will miss them
evil is how I depict them/ peep the game before it even got insert to the system
you jealous of the man I got motivation I'm bless
you sipping haterade & not happy for my success
don't even speak when I'm present
.keep it moving and rolling
Look all foogazi with ya with ya face frozen
Track Name: Life So Far
I never had fear in my heart
Let’s get it straight from the start
Steadily shooting these darts
Thank god that I’m keen that I’m smart
I wish I just can press restart
My life it’s just coming apart
Shakespearian tragedy plot
I’m still waiting for the good part
my life's confusing like .....

a rubik's cube mean mug no smile, think I'm the rudest dude
come & take a rendezvous look at my life hear it thru this tune
wasn't raised no dummy no money came up in the slum
in my chromosomes genecticist couldn’t tell you where I'm from
see all I had was moms, pops rarely raise me relatives were crazy
nam vets, reagonomics, scarface, inflation were the early eighty's
steady, staying in a school or some books they would say that I was gifted
all my mother's children pumped yay, except for me I lifted
paid attention to the destruction fucking dealing with the drama
watched older siblings credit work to their own moma
evil as osama, at night a zombie not tucking me
member when cps came & snatched us out of her custody
group home 2 foster home til I was grown & on my own
no real family support chronic homelessness lived n a old brogham
emotional scars just made it real hard &
even when I post on the ave & slept on the blvd
I never had fear in my heart/Let’s get it straight from the start
Steadily shooting these darts/Thank god that I’m keen that I’m smart
I wish I just can press restart/My life it’s just coming apart
Shakespearian tragedy plot/I’m still waiting for the good part I’m PUSHING

South Central in the 90’s genocide and High Crimes
Watching uncles & cousins, friends all die from them drive bys
This shits insane it gets stranger childhood friends turn to bangers
Or coka slangers sign of the times throw the hood up twistin fingers
Aware of them dangers war on drugs & crimes a joke
Saw the riffs myself roll up smoke jack you up & plant that dope
18 years old with no hope no job education I’m a destitute
Living out my backpack slept on buses washed up in restaurant bathrooms
By 21 I’m done L.A. county jail frequent visits
Use to be flinching scary as a child now I’m far from timid
Played the got damn games in scrimmage got my own tilt now I’m winning
But losing folk left & right to the graveyard or life sentence
By the time 25 earned stripes but it’s far & few OG’s here on the streets
So these young boys now on the scene emulate wankstas they hear on CD
That’s just more man hours for the PD incarcerating short burns like a bidi
The little homie got 3 B.M.’s & he only 16 catching every STD
Tried to stay calm but the hood pressured me, tried to move to Palmdale, a hood refugee
But I came back love the smell of gunsmoke ghettobirds, pitbulls ugh, the 323
Plus I don’t know no other place, this is where I’m probably gonna die
Don’t need your sympathy pity tears I’ll just laugh at yall
Cuz my experiences made me harder than half of yall
Track Name: Digital Drive By ft Drew Infinite
We don’t believe all that blah blah/ and all that rhaa rhaa
Niggie haa haa/ my shit past hot
Put in work, pull the mask down like mascot
Yall get it popping on ya laptops
this is live from the LA that raw
the type of brother that will find your ip address
and pop you in the jaw my nah
virtual gangsters firewall behind hide
how is you a killer commit a digital drive by
what's worse a troll strolling through a with modem
comment post you wrote them bitches should check their totem
they dreamin support a weak rapper stanning
I'll expose your past put your ass on blast no canon
not a fan of you man you wear women's pants rock that look
where jegging and scarves got pics saw on my mac book
plus internet thugs got pellet guns to flaunt
lil kids to taunt, in real life a punk
come all the way out the closet twan change the font
& sit watch all the incest gay porn you want
sloppy & fake everything, take ya jewels & ya wedding ring
no original thought, just copy paste everything..

big bad wolfgang, rough tough & shake it
just as real in real life as I'm is in the matrix
internet gangbangers pretend bangers Bloggers, lawless
got 3 phones still can't call it
really ain't knowing shit but u still all in the toilet
u take so many L's they call u l coholic
spits is boring dude they snore and snooze
you should only speak into nova when ordering food
you pussy beefing and queefing that's a coordinary feud
tryna be cyber bullying u keyboarding it crude Naw fool
we don't believe you, you ain't the kind that did it
you should change ya plan up, & plus ya anytime minutes
face to face not Skype twit
I got my ruger in hand hop out the van break every finger u type with
lyrical tech 9 44 mags verbs bullets
come behind that flat panel screen hoe cards pulling
Track Name: Programm'd Muzic OUT
The monotonous 8 (shifts) work sleeping & play/ the routine got disobeyed he was told to awake/
from the hypnotic robotic trained to watch with the third eye/woke up all the way now he see it all the birds eye
should sound the alarm warn them but they say they dense/don't understand can't comprehend what don't make sense
they sleep walking talking they lull them with cognac /suspended consciousness now he waking up the insomniacs
rome from the dome it's on release the cortisone/stay head strong and walk with faith you wouldn't be lead wrong
aint nothin etched in stone my legacy will reach the throne/and when he fight he protecting the dome protecting home
population reduced the fascinators did it/future belongs to children and the underground civilians
took a nation to build us genocide to kill us /terrorism the police state were in the wilderness
love in the streets motto won't accept defeat / left the candy and sackrin alone aint shit sweet
plus it feeds cancer diabetes take feet /give him a yard he'd take miles mobilizing the crowd
turn the crowds into insurgents into mind the words went/populous under control brain wash detergent
till banning mp3s my lyrics are weaponized /raise the consciousness of the people that's what they are threatened by

Now aint nothin stoppin he over throw the plutonomy
Risk is safeties reprocity exposin all hypocrisy
Very leary deceits the norm bound to be legendary
Nowdays being real and speaking truth is revolution
Time to lace the place with aces jokers disgraces
Got it down to basis put kings in the rightful spaces
Deleting the fascinations what's the ramifications
4 putting Lucy on the lam start to jam up the station
The control make calls have you react without a question /But he broke to the programming and subliminal message
The thinking is all suggestive he breaking to the congestion /Brain on full eat now down to digestion
While they're trying to eat us delete us no more repeaters /he just need the masses to see it just like he see it
probably start up the mayhem/ but I’m posed to be scheduled to die 8 o clock in the A.M.