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I never had fear in my heart
Let’s get it straight from the start
Steadily shooting these darts
Thank god that I’m keen that I’m smart
I wish I just can press restart
My life it’s just coming apart
Shakespearian tragedy plot
I’m still waiting for the good part
my life's confusing like .....

a rubik's cube mean mug no smile, think I'm the rudest dude
come & take a rendezvous look at my life hear it thru this tune
wasn't raised no dummy no money came up in the slum
in my chromosomes genecticist couldn’t tell you where I'm from
see all I had was moms, pops rarely raise me relatives were crazy
nam vets, reagonomics, scarface, inflation were the early eighty's
steady, staying in a school or some books they would say that I was gifted
all my mother's children pumped yay, except for me I lifted
paid attention to the destruction fucking dealing with the drama
watched older siblings credit work to their own moma
evil as osama, at night a zombie not tucking me
member when cps came & snatched us out of her custody
group home 2 foster home til I was grown & on my own
no real family support chronic homelessness lived n a old brogham
emotional scars just made it real hard &
even when I post on the ave & slept on the blvd
I never had fear in my heart/Let’s get it straight from the start
Steadily shooting these darts/Thank god that I’m keen that I’m smart
I wish I just can press restart/My life it’s just coming apart
Shakespearian tragedy plot/I’m still waiting for the good part I’m PUSHING

South Central in the 90’s genocide and High Crimes
Watching uncles & cousins, friends all die from them drive bys
This shits insane it gets stranger childhood friends turn to bangers
Or coka slangers sign of the times throw the hood up twistin fingers
Aware of them dangers war on drugs & crimes a joke
Saw the riffs myself roll up smoke jack you up & plant that dope
18 years old with no hope no job education I’m a destitute
Living out my backpack slept on buses washed up in restaurant bathrooms
By 21 I’m done L.A. county jail frequent visits
Use to be flinching scary as a child now I’m far from timid
Played the got damn games in scrimmage got my own tilt now I’m winning
But losing folk left & right to the graveyard or life sentence
By the time 25 earned stripes but it’s far & few OG’s here on the streets
So these young boys now on the scene emulate wankstas they hear on CD
That’s just more man hours for the PD incarcerating short burns like a bidi
The little homie got 3 B.M.’s & he only 16 catching every STD
Tried to stay calm but the hood pressured me, tried to move to Palmdale, a hood refugee
But I came back love the smell of gunsmoke ghettobirds, pitbulls ugh, the 323
Plus I don’t know no other place, this is where I’m probably gonna die
Don’t need your sympathy pity tears I’ll just laugh at yall
Cuz my experiences made me harder than half of yall


from Programm'd vol​.​3 Programm'd Muzic​(​CLEAN), track released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Wolfgang Amadeuz Los Angeles, California

Wolfgang Amadeuz Hip Hop producer/emcee from Los Angeles, CA born and raised.

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