The monotonous 8 (shifts) work sleeping & play/ the routine got disobeyed he was told to awake/
from the hypnotic robotic trained to watch with the third eye/woke up all the way now he see it all the birds eye
should sound the alarm warn them but they say they dense/don't understand can't comprehend what don't make sense
they sleep walking talking they lull them with cognac /suspended consciousness now he waking up the insomniacs
rome from the dome it's on release the cortisone/stay head strong and walk with faith you wouldn't be lead wrong
aint nothin etched in stone my legacy will reach the throne/and when he fight he protecting the dome protecting home
population reduced the fascinators did it/future belongs to children and the underground civilians
took a nation to build us genocide to kill us /terrorism the police state were in the wilderness
love in the streets motto won't accept defeat / left the candy and sackrin alone aint shit sweet
plus it feeds cancer diabetes take feet /give him a yard he'd take miles mobilizing the crowd
turn the crowds into insurgents into mind the words went/populous under control brain wash detergent
till banning mp3s my lyrics are weaponized /raise the consciousness of the people that's what they are threatened by

Now aint nothin stoppin he over throw the plutonomy
Risk is safeties reprocity exposin all hypocrisy
Very leary deceits the norm bound to be legendary
Nowdays being real and speaking truth is revolution
Time to lace the place with aces jokers disgraces
Got it down to basis put kings in the rightful spaces
Deleting the fascinations what's the ramifications
4 putting Lucy on the lam start to jam up the station
The control make calls have you react without a question /But he broke to the programming and subliminal message
The thinking is all suggestive he breaking to the congestion /Brain on full eat now down to digestion
While they're trying to eat us delete us no more repeaters /he just need the masses to see it just like he see it
probably start up the mayhem/ but I’m posed to be scheduled to die 8 o clock in the A.M.


from Programm'd vol​.​3 Programm'd Muzic​(​CLEAN), track released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Wolfgang Amadeuz Los Angeles, California

Wolfgang Amadeuz Hip Hop producer/emcee from Los Angeles, CA born and raised.

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