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I’mma Stay Grinding/Ooooooooohhhhhhh Til the day I lay it down
I’mma do me, fuck what you feel / Put ya drinks in the air if you bout yo scrill
I’mma Stay Hustling/Ooooooooooohhhhhhh Til the day I lay it down
I’mma do me, I’mma stay on my grind / put yo hands in the air if you know it’s your time/ Imma stay
Forever on some paid shit/I grew up in the slums with bums, fighting for crumbs/ hella roaches no raid bitch
I’m happy I just made it/ momma told me pump for funds, hustling son/ to get the 1’s you hit the pavement
No need for lesson in Capitalism save it/ 2 things promised, ya taxes, ya grave bitch
The country’s been bout hustle since the slave ships/ so avoid the traps, get cheddar zig thru the maze &
Avoid minimum wage & have mo hustle than running backs/ go getta for shilla, you’da think I’d be running track
None of that running crack, they sold yay, I slang the other kind/ kept me out penitentiary’s never got 3 to 9
This is how I survived the catch, they thought they had me/ boy I’m street smart, plus I’m tech saavy
Had to devise mine, keep revenue steady climbing/ never feel I’m left behind man…..
This my get money anthem/ put yo hands up, hold the world for ransom & some
get a Grand son, get promoted for fatter pay/ I’m grinding thru the week, I can function with you on Saturday
No money, mo problems, watch me solve em fuck wut the matter say/ they ask me where my problems is at, they went that away
I stay with franklins & middle finger is swanky/ chairman of money making they call me Benji Bernanke
Catch a case hire lawyers cuz public defenders janky/ money walk & that bullshit talk, Mr. Hankey
It’s like you playing for now, I’m playing for keeps/ Learned to never invest in anything that eats
Gotta stay on my grizzy, my hustle should never sleep/ my profit will never stop it, portfolio’s really deep
Mo gunz and less butter, take notes to my sputter/ & you can have life, get yours out the gutter
I gotta stay touching that $/ I hope you don’t play with my paper/ I hope you don’t fuck with money/I’m not tripping, just give me my money
I gotta stay touching that paper/ I hope you don’t play with my money/ I hope you don’t fuck with paper
I just got to touch some paper
Gotta get the $ Gotta get the gotta gotta get the Gotta get the $ gotta get the cashflow X4


from Programm'd vol​.​3 Programm'd Muzic​(​CLEAN), track released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Wolfgang Amadeuz Los Angeles, California

Wolfgang Amadeuz Hip Hop producer/emcee from Los Angeles, CA born and raised.

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