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We don’t believe all that blah blah/ and all that rhaa rhaa
Niggie haa haa/ my shit past hot
Put in work, pull the mask down like mascot
Yall get it popping on ya laptops
this is live from the LA that raw
the type of brother that will find your ip address
and pop you in the jaw my nah
virtual gangsters firewall behind hide
how is you a killer commit a digital drive by
what's worse a troll strolling through a with modem
comment post you wrote them bitches should check their totem
they dreamin support a weak rapper stanning
I'll expose your past put your ass on blast no canon
not a fan of you man you wear women's pants rock that look
where jegging and scarves got pics saw on my mac book
plus internet thugs got pellet guns to flaunt
lil kids to taunt, in real life a punk
come all the way out the closet twan change the font
& sit watch all the incest gay porn you want
sloppy & fake everything, take ya jewels & ya wedding ring
no original thought, just copy paste everything..

big bad wolfgang, rough tough & shake it
just as real in real life as I'm is in the matrix
internet gangbangers pretend bangers Bloggers, lawless
got 3 phones still can't call it
really ain't knowing shit but u still all in the toilet
u take so many L's they call u l coholic
spits is boring dude they snore and snooze
you should only speak into nova when ordering food
you pussy beefing and queefing that's a coordinary feud
tryna be cyber bullying u keyboarding it crude Naw fool
we don't believe you, you ain't the kind that did it
you should change ya plan up, & plus ya anytime minutes
face to face not Skype twit
I got my ruger in hand hop out the van break every finger u type with
lyrical tech 9 44 mags verbs bullets
come behind that flat panel screen hoe cards pulling


from Programm'd vol​.​3 Programm'd Muzic​(​CLEAN), track released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Wolfgang Amadeuz Los Angeles, California

Wolfgang Amadeuz Hip Hop producer/emcee from Los Angeles, CA born and raised.

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